Friday, December 17, 2010

A brief summary

Well, this is embarrassing.

I hate when I go a long time between blog posts. Really hate it. It's like a vicious cycle--the longer it's been since I've posted, the more pressure I feel to do a REALLY GOOD post, which makes me procrastinate, which just...well, you know. So I finally decided I just had to bite the bullet. It's been almost exactly a month since I posted. Here, briefly, is a summary of that month:

- My birthday
- Matt's birthday
- Went to Mississippi (10 hours each way, with all three kids and 14 tons of stuff) for Thanksgiving
- Aaron got his first ear infection
- Helped with Teacher Appreciation Week at Abby's school--doled out 1,600 cookies to teachers among other things
- Got socked with a nasty stomach bug, along with everyone in my family except for Abby. At the same time. Worst weekend of. My. LIFE.

But! Now it is almost Christmas. Everyone is more or less healthy, and our only travel over this holiday will be a quick trip to Little Rock. So I can breathe easy and get back to blogging!


Today is the last day of school for Abby and Ethan for two weeks.

Pray for me.