Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is it tomorrow already?

I love a good Catch 22. Here's an excellent one for you: I am so busy chasing after my wild man of a now-4 year old that I didn't have time to write a blog entry on his 4th birthday, which was yesterday. Could have written the entry if he wasn't around, but wouldn't have had anything to write about.

So. I write this entry in honor of my sweet son for his 4th birthday. And I am writing the entry a day LATE in honor of my Mario Brothers-loving, tile-grout-coloring, insanely-loud-yelling, never-wanting-to-go-to-sleep, always-wanting-a-snack, kissing-me-on-the-elbow-because-he-thinks-it-will-butter-me-up, never-walking, always-running, won't-brush-his-teeth-without-a-fight, asks-me-to-marry-him-every-day, wears-me-OUT-but-I-wouldn't-have-him-any-other-way boy.

Happy Birthday E!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


You people crack me up. It's been so much fun reading everyone's suggestions for naming BBB (Baby Boy B.). Unfortunately, a lot of the names suggested are not options because we have close friends/family members/friends' dogs (Cooper) with those names. I made a big list of all the remaining ones, plus a few of my own, and gave it to Matt. He started slashing. When he hnaded it back to me, here's what was on it:


Gee, thanks for giving me something to work with, honey. We have since added a somewhat improbable name to the list--Hudson. I am reading a book with a character named Hudson, and I mentioned it, SURE that Matt would say it was too "cool", but surprisingly he likes it. This from the man who thinks Preston is too cutting edge.

Anyway, no decisions have been made yet. The way this pregnancy is flying by, we'll probably be sitting at home the night before the c-section feeling like we forgot something and realize that we forgot to pick a NAME. We really may just wait to see him to decide, though I'm pretty sure I have several friends and family members (hi, mom) who would have gigantic hissy fits about that.

Thanks for everyone's input. I got 38 comments--a record for AMENMom! I'm sure a major syndicate is preparing to offer me a paid blogging gig after that coup. Keep up the good work!

PS. Nub is not an option. Sorry Rich.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Name that baby

It's a boy. OH, is it a boy. The ultrasound tech was in the middle of measuring the baby's head when he did a back flip and gave us an eyeful (the baby, not the ultrasound tech). Matt and I are really excited. Abby is getting there. Actually, she's not at all, but she will. She has to. Please LORD, let her get there.

Now we have the monumental task of choosing a name. Plenty of names out there to choose from. Except not. We have a few...challenges. And preferences. I am therefore soliciting the assistance of all 4 of my loyal blog readers. Below are the issues:

1. First off, I have given up on making any sense out of our initials, though if the name starts with A, M, E or N I guess that would be a bonus.

2. Our last name (which Matt won't allow me to say on here but it starts with a B and is one syllable and is also a common word) sounds funny with any names that start with a B, any names that are only 1 syllable, and any names that are also words. Which knocks out a LOT.

3. Abby and Ethan are both names that can't really be shortened, and I like that. Not totally committed to that, but I like it.

4. Matt will not stand for anything remotely "trendy". Ethan is cutting edge for him.

5. The middle name will likely be Matthew, so it should sound good with that.

6. It should kind of "go with" Abby and Ethan. This is hard to explain, but most people will know what I mean. We can't have Abby, Ethan and Frank, for example, because that just sounds strange. Also, it can't be too much like Ethan, so Evan and Easton are out. I get confused enough as it is.

7. There are lots of names I love that are not options because people we know or are related to have the audacity to already have that name. The nerve of some people.

I think that's it. I really need some ideas here. Help!!!

PS. If you came here from Facebook, please post here and NOT on Facebook, so I can keep track. You don't have to log in or anything.