Monday, November 26, 2007

For a small guy, he can put up a good fight

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. We enjoyed eating WAY too much food at my parents' house, and then headed down to Little Rock for what turned out to be a highly pleasant weekend. We got to see lots of family, including my wonderful great aunt Joyce and Uncle Lonnie. They entertained my kids nonstop just like they did for me when I was little, and I have to admit that I was a wee bit jealous--I miss being a kid at their house so much! My Uncle Lonnie even took off one of his fake legs for Abby, which is just as cool now as it was 20 years ago. She couldn't get over it, and neither could I!

Let's see, what else happened over the weekend? Hmm...oh yes, WE BEAT LSU. I cannot think of a better thing to happen for my beloved team. Not only did they beat LSU, but the game was AT LSU, and LSU was at the time the #1 team in the country. As my friend Kevin is fond of saying, LS-WHO?

The biggest challenge of the week was cutting my son's hair. He has developed what can only be described as a violent resistance to his hair being cut. His protest is so significant that Matt and I together cannot get it done--Ethan is just too strong. We had to resort to waiting until 11 PM, when we scooped him up from bed, lulled him back into a deep sleep in my arms and then as quickly and silently as possible snipped what we could. It's not great, but at least it's not in his eyes anymore. Tomorrow we have a check up with his ear doctor, and if he has to get tubes in his ears again this winter I intend to request that a hair stylist be present at the surgery to give him a proper trim while he's under anesthesia. It's like I always say, never waste a good induced coma!


Anonymous said...

We missed you!! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!!! I thought about you LOTS on Saturday and I just knew you wished you were at that LSU game!!! Let me know when you want to give Ethan his Summer buzz... I have small clippers and MAYBE with six hands we could get it done! Or let the doctor take care of it!!!! talk to you soon!!!

Kori "o)

Aunt Joyce said...

What a great, lovely afternoon we had with you, Matt and your precious kids! It felt like having you back here as a little girl. Abby's a perfect replica of you!

You're on your own about the haircut - I have my own little haircut person to deal with (but he is cooperative!).