Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Putting on the heat

Okay, this is a somewhat indelicate topic, so if you're sensitive to such things you'd best move on.

On Saturday, a bunch of girls who had been at the conference came to my house for lunch. Since Marla and I are both about to be MOKs (Moms Of Kindergarteners) and several of the other ladies there are moms of older kids, the talk naturally turned to school and the issues that would concern any mom: separation anxiety, bullying, lice.

Yes, lice. It's one thing about elementary school that never changes, I guess. Almost every mom there whose kids have been in school have had to deal with it. One of them pointed out that girls tend to get it less because girls often have their hair blow dryed, and apparently this greatly reduces the occurance of lice, or the outbreak, or whatever word you use.

So I posed a question. If lice is truly an epidemic in schools everywhere, and if heat from a hair dryer has proven to be a strong deterrent, then why doesn't every school just install giant, undustrial size salon blow dryers--you know, the kind that you usually sit under--at each entrance? As kids come in each morning, they could just stand under the dryer for 20 seconds or so. Lots of schools make every child go through a metal detector--how would this be different? And the expense would be negligible, especially considering the savings in medicine and nursing needs for the school.

Everyone laughed--oh, that silly Nancy, always with the crazy schemes. But really--this would WORK! I think I might mention it at Kindergarten orientation.


Hardin Family said...

Hi Nancy. My name is Carrie and I am a friend of Michelle Todd's. I teach kindergarten and my daughter Mollie just finished it. I love your blog and yes we had to face this battle at our house this year. It was awful, but we survived!!! You had a great idea, but I don't think we can get that done in the next week or so, but I will make a suggestion put tea tree oil in her shampoo. It did help! You can buy it in the pharmacy at Wal-Mart. I put some in her regular shampoo.I wouldn't use it in the summer because it can dry out her hair and that gives it a rest. Have a great year. It is a super special time for everyone and we teachers value the trust you place in us by allowing us to spend time with your child!

Anonymous said...

One of the many reasons I love you so much is that you crack me up! I knew you couldn't resist blogging about your blow dryer idea! I appreciate Carrie's tip about the tea tree oil...I'll be trying that (or shaving Audrey's head).


AMENMom said...

THANKS Carrie! I'll get some right away. What a valuable resource you are--can we keep you on call this year? :)


Hardin Family said...

Feel free to call! I think Michelle already has me on speed dial or at least in her circle of friends:)