Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I REALLY wish my children hadn't done tonight

1. Play tic tac toe with a pen on our couch.

2. Stuff 12 puzzle pieces in our VCR.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll come to your house for Christmas! Just think of the memories they are making!

Anonymous said...

Welcome To My World! I'm sure you don't remember, but when I was in the hospital having surgery back in 1990, Butch was at home the night before I was due to come home, cooking, watching kids, talking to me on the phone- all things that we as mother's do as second nature! We multi-task! Most men do not- so while he is talking to me, I ask him where Jason is- he sounds surprised when all is quiet at the Middleton home fron ! So he goes on the hunt for a one 3 1/2 year old Jason- and he finds him- with the Fred Flinstone stamp that came out of the Fuiti - pebbles- stamping Mr. Fred Flintstone all down the door facing and down the hall to the kitchen, at abou 3 1/2 year old level! I asked why he wasn't watching him? His reply, Linda, I can't cook, talk to you on the phone and watch Jason all at the same time! Men-

Also, beware of D cell batteries, they fit just perfect in a VCR! Oh the memories!