Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too cool for school, apparently

You know that saying, "Youth is wasted on the young"? I think the same is true of the first day of school. Every adult (except maybe teachers) associate the first day of school with pure excitement. New supplies, new friends, a new teacher, it's all so cool! Kids are not quite so impressed. It's a pity.

I'd love to tell you that I have a fantastic story about Abby's first day of first grade. In fact, it was completely normal and low key in every way. We got ready, went to school, delivered her to her classroom, and...that was that. I picked her up some hours later. I asked how it was. She said good. Case closed.

I did manage to get some pictures of Miss Whatever before we left for the morning:

Note the horseshoe earrings. Her school's mascot is a stallion, and horsehoes are everywhere.

This photo might lead you to believe that my children can be in physical contact with each other without one of them being injured. This is not true.

Her idea of an appropriate first day of school photograph.

At her big kid desk.

Yawning. Two minutes in to her first day of school. Just another day for her. No big whoop. What's for lunch? Ho hum.

Well, hopefully things will get more interesting as the year progresses. Otherwise, I'll be forced to blog about random people that annoy me. Heaven knows there's no shortage there.


Cori said...

Typical Abby! Emma actually missed her first day of 2nd grade today.. She will also miss tomorrow. She's got a TERRIBLE case of canker sores and fever blisters (causing her to not be able to talk or eat). So....

Sounds like Abby had a normal day of first grade! There will be other exciting days, trust me!

Patty said...

I'm so glad she had a great day. I love her hair! I haven't seen it so short. Cute outfit too! Wish there were boy outfits that were cute!

LindaM said...

Love her hair, love her outfit, love her! Sounds like she had a great day. Matt, Noah and Gavin all started today- they all called me as soon as they got out of school and reported to me that they had had a wonderful day. As with any kindergardener (wow did I spell that wrong or what?!!)or 1st grader, lunch and recess were the best part of the day! Some things will never change! Abby's day reminds me of your first day of 1st
day of 1st grade- knew the drill and would carry on like any other day! Give them both a hug and kiss for me- love, lkm

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Abby's first day was as good as Sydney's!! LOL!!! I didn't even walk her to class! She got out of the car with a HUGE bag of school supplies and marched on in!! She did tell me after school that it would have been alright to help carry her stuff in!!! Who knew!!!

Kori "o)