Monday, October 12, 2009

Wake me up in November

Blah. That is exactly how I feel. Blah.

I'm a little over 8 weeks pregnant now. So far, I have avoided serious nausea (mainly by eating at least once an hour) (which you know is a sacrifice, but anything for the baby) and most of the other unpleasant symptoms that can attack a newly pregnant woman. However, I have one in spades: being tired.

If you've ever been pregnant, you probably know what I"m talking about. This is not an I've-been-up-15-hours-and-need-to-go-to-bed tired. This is a for-no-good-reason-my-bones-are-exhausted-and-I-couldn't-move-if-the-house-was-on-fire tired. While Matt was out of town last week, there were times that I would be laying on the couch and something horrible would come on tv. The remote would reveal itself to be across the room, and I would debate for 20 minutes whether or not to yell until one of the kids woke up and came out of their room to get them to hand it to me as opposed to moving the 10 feet necessary to retrieve it and come back. Usually the internal debate would be ended because I'd fall asleep. Forget about the laundry. it's been having a block party in the hampers for days.

I know I'm just a few weeks from coming out of the haze. Then I'll go into that wondrous phase of pregnancy where I have insane amounts of energy and my stomach grows roughly an inch a day. I am ready. Until then, just pass me a Snickers and a pillow. Thanks.


Cori said...

You are so funny :o) I will wake you up in November when Katie is born - if she makes it til then!

Melanie said...

I feel your pain :) I'm in week 22 now, and though not nearly as tired as the first trimester I tire out pretty easily. I call it the "being pregnant while chasing after an almost 2 year old" syndrome! Have I mentioned how ecstatic I am that Rachel still takes a 2 hour nap? :)

Cameron Magee said...

I love this dang blog.

I wish I had any once in me to begin to understand what in the world you're going through. I'm a 19yr-old boy. I have no idea what you're talking about. :D

arkansasreader said...

LOL!!! Oh, Nancy, this too will pass?? LOL!! I love Cameron's comment!! At least you had the energy to blog!!! Love you!