Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hold up there, Romeo

When Matt and I found out back in 2002 that our first baby would be a daughter, we joked about having to fight off the boys and keep a baseball bat by the front door. We now have a boy-crazy 7 year old, and rapidly multiplying gray hairs to show for it. We've slowly grown accustomed to Abby talking about her boyfriend or why Troy on High School Musical is soooooo cute.


I was not prepared for this.

I was finally going through the pile of papers she brought home from the last day of school (don't judge me, I have a newborn). In the spring her school does a post office project. The third graders serve as the postmasters, and everyone writes letters and "mails" them to the other classrooms. Abby sent and received dozens of such letters. I found one in the pile from a boy in her class who I know to be sweet and kind of quiet. I opened it. Here, with the spelling errors corrected, is what I read:

Dear Abby,
You are cute and charming. You are awesome. I think you are the awesomest kid in the whole world. I love seeing your face. It is so beautiful and you are my favoritest friend in the whole wide world. I love the way your eyes sparkle and I love the color of your skin.

(Boys' name withheld to protect the apparently-not-so-innocent)


She never told me about this letter when she got it, despite my having asked every day if she sent or received any good mail. She still doesn't know I've seen it and I don't intend to tell her as I'm fairly sure I don't want to hear the rest of the story, if there is more.

If you need me, I'll be online researching all-girl boarding schools.


Mandy said...

Whoa - I think that would freak me out a bit too. At first I thought it was kind of cute BUT then I thought about someone actually writing those words to Katie - EEK! That child has very good verbal skills to be able to come up with that at such a young age.

Julianna said...

Too funny. My son (9) has two girlfriends at the moment, he can't decide which one he'll marry. My other son (8) says he's not bothering with a girlfriend, becasue he doesn't think it's fair he has to "shell out all that money for the engagement ring". Ahh... The minds of boys... -J

Laina said...

WOW! I am stunned at the age of this boy who wrote this! My goodness!

Melanie said...

That letter is awfully romantic in the classical, literary sense. You might want to make sure he's not from a family of benign vampires...ya know, just in case! :)

Karla said...

Im gonna guess that wasnt from my son because he doesnt like to write and i am not sure he could think of such sweet things to say to a girl:)