Monday, August 9, 2010

Countdown to quiet

A week from today Ethan starts pre-K. Three days after that, Abby starts 2nd grade. And thus will begin a phase of my life in which I will be home all day, every day with a tiny baby who can't talk back, throw toys or ask for a snack every 25 minutes. Can you sense the joy in the words I type?

Actually, and I can't believe (I mean REALLY can't believe) I am saying this, but I will kind of miss this summer. Back in April, when I was hugely pregnant and the kids were in school all day, the prospect of week after week of being at home with 3 kids, two of which I knew to be a little high maintenance and one whose maintenance level was yet to be determined (but let's be honest, anyone who requires being fed and having their bottom wiped clean can be classified as high maintenance) was straight up terrifying. And I have surely had my moments when I wanted to hide under the bed and cry.

But there have also been the other times--teaching the kids how to hold Aaron without breaking his neck, playing marathon games of Sorry and Candy Land, successfully convincing Ethan that only very cool and brave 4 year olds can help with laundry--when I found myself quite content and even entertained.

I'm sure that the school year will pass by in a flash. Then I'll be facing next summer, when instead of two kids and a baby, I will have two kids and a toddler. I need to start storing up on Prozac now.


Anonymous said...

I knew you would and could not only do it, but enjoy it too!

Julianna said...

Funny, during the summer I panic all day that camp will call and I'll have to leave work to get them. During the school year I panic that I won't get out of work in time to pick them up. Seems every season brings it's own challange. Enjoy what's left of your summer! -J

butterfly said...

i'm looking forward for my baby girl to start day care. my son's turning 4th grade by september and i'll be back to school! getting excited.

love your blogs by the way.