Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the winner is...

MELANIE!! Congratulations, Melanie! You are the winner of a $5 Sonic gift card, to be mailed to you directly.

To ensure a fair contest, I put numbered pieces of paper representing each comment into one of Abby's Hannah Montana cups. Then I interrupted the game of Phase 10 that she and her dad were playing to have Matt (who is still grateful that I didn't write a haiku about him) pick a number without looking. Abby watched and demanded to be the one to pick next time. He pulled the number 7, and the seventh comment belonged to Melanie!

This was really fun. I will have to do it again soon. Sonic appears to be an internationally accepted incentive! Thanks to everyone who entered!


Craig Bova said...

I want to say how much of a priviledge and an honor it was to just be nominated for the first ever giveaway. I guess I'll just go thirsty until the next one.

Melanie said...


Sonic Happy Hour
Just a few hours a day
Cherry Cokes for me! :)