Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Cotton Bowl Observations

Completely random, and in no order whatsoever:

1. Jarius Wright kept pointing to a tattoo on his bicep. At first I just thought he wanted to show off his guns. Still no idea what the tattoo said, but I really hope it's "Mom".

2. I love Jake Bequette.

3. Some words should be banned in football announcer's booths. My first choice is "momentum." At the very least, they should use it correctly. Momentum is something that builds, and thus cannot change hands every 30 seconds like those schmucks kept insisting it was.

4. I love Tyler Wilson. Did you see him talking to the KState quarterback after the game? I could squeeze his cheeks. What a great guy and player.

5. When football players on the sidelines wear their helmets propped on top of their heads, they look like total goofballs.

6. I love love LOVE Bobby Petrino. He is, in equal parts, endearing and terrifying. He gave a small smile during the post-game interview and I think it's the most positive emotion I have ever seen him express. He's like a grumpy, highly intelligent, slightly scary but still lovable teddy bear. Who seriously knows how to coach football.

7. Speaking of goofballs, can the NCAA make a rule that players cannot have hair sticking out of the back of their helmets? I know they think they look cool. They are so, so wrong.

8. Ethan called KState "the bad guys" whenever he came in the room to ask what was going on. I like it.

9. Man those guys looked zonked walking off the field after the game. I can't even imagine how tired and sore they are.

10. We should be #3.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Heehee...

Kori M

Cathy H. said...

Totally agree!!

heather_winesburg said...

And I love the fact that even during the emotional part of receiving the trophy Bobby Petrino remembered Garret Uekman.

What are your thoughts on the KState cheerleader headbows?