Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't blame me, blame the lack of visual aids

I know I haven't been very diligent about posting lately, but it's actually not my fault. The things I have wanted to post about--Easter, seeing my new baby nephews, etc.--all have photos to accompany them. My home computer is currently holding those photos hostage, so what's a girl to do?

April has passed by in a blur. It's one of the worst months for my job in terms of workload. Tomorrow we have orientation, and next Friday is a state advising conference, which I was in charge of planning. Why, you may ask, would I volunteer to take on such a monumental task? I didn't so much. While I was on maternity leave with Ethan, I was nominated and elected in absentia to be president of the state association. Tell me, how is this fair? This business is wearing me out!

At least things are going well at home. Abby is on a good behavior streak--yesterday was her 7th day in a row of school with no time outs. She is keeping a tally, believe you me. Ethan is still eating well and is starting to learn a few words. He's also gotten into the habit of stashing stuff in our trash can when we aren't looking, but I'll focus on the good for now.

I am leaving tomorrow after orientation to head to Branson for my annual in-law weekend. Every April, all of the females in Matt's family and I spend a weekend in a cabin in Branson. This sounds, on the surface, like turture, but for the most part it's fairly relaxing. Let's hope! I'll get back in time Sunday for our church's children's choirs concert. Abby is very excited--the kids are each dressing as part of a profession, and she gets to be a gymnast. She has also learned the sign language for Jesus Loves Me for the evening, and does it very well--though we still can't convince her that the sign for "strong" is NOT posing like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh well, at least people will get the gist.


Sarah said...

I want pictures! I have been a slacker myself with the daily posting, but I think I'm back to normal now.

Glad to have you back!

Miss Brown said...

Oh please tell me you guys are going to be staying in the cabin with the random stuffed raccoons in every corner?