Sunday, April 29, 2007

Full moon in Branson

I'm back from Branson! The weekend was lovely. Matt has a very close extended family, and I really enjoy the women I was with. There were 8 of us total, including Matt's mom, sister, grandmother, two aunts and two cousins. Every family has its own kind of groove when they're together, and this crowd is no different. Most of these ladies are hard core crafters, and so that took up a lot of the weekend. Now, my friends and I like a good scrapbooking habit as much as the next girl, but I have never seen anything like this. Matt's aunt Karilyn and her daughter Katrenia alone have enough stamps to open their own store. We ate, of course, and shopped. Poor Renee had to follow me around to all the kids shops and offer her opinion on things she had no interest in, such as whether Ethan would look better in navy or khaki overalls, and whether yellow would wash out Abby's coloring. She was patient!

I really get a kick out of Matt's family because you never quite know what to expect. It keeps you on your toes. For example, when his grandmother came into the living room with her camera to take a candid of everyone sitting around, she instead got a photograph of someone (I won't say who, because you might meet her someday, and besides, SHE knows who she is) mooning her. Indeed. This is most definitely near the top of the list of things none of my cousins would EVER do to my grandmother. The rest of the weekend was spent discussing whether or not his grandmother would be arrested when she gets the pictures developed.

Katrenia was nice enough to email me a group picture we took as soon as she got home, so I have included it for your viewing pleasure below. We're a fun looking bunch of girls, eh? Pun intended!!


Anonymous said...

Great picture, Nancy! I wish my family was closer together to do something like that! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I know you did! You looked rather relaxed at the choir concert last night!!! Abby was so much fun as she sang and watched Gabe!!! I'll bring you pictures!!

Outnumbered said...

Hey Nancy,

As you already know... we are coming back up to NWA this weekend! Looking forward to seeing the gang, again. Hey, we are also praying for your grandma that she will get better SOON!!