Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can a kid get a break around here?

Okay seriously, Ethan has got the worst luck of any toddler I know. He's been plagued by ear infections his whole life, so for the second time we get tubes, plus have his adnoids removed, so that he can finally be healthy. Post surgery, he was great for a couple of days. Then he got--and kept-- a pretty high fever. Then came a really bad cough, enough to keep him up at night and choking. We took him to the doctor today, and guess what? He has PNUEMONIA. Are you kidding me? The poor boy! And for an unlucky child, today was a particularly unlucky day. It started with being tired, since he got very little sleep last night. Then his mommy drug him out into the cold wet day to go to the doctor. Then he had to get a chest x-ray, which for a child is about equivalent to being strapped into a torture device. Then, when the x-ray confirmed pneumonia, he had to get a SHOT. Then, when we got home, Matt and I had to give him puffs from an inhaler, wich involves holding him down and forcing a mask over his nose and mouth.

Yeah, not a red letter day for my boy. Don't get me wrong. I know there are many mothers in this world who would give anything to have their babies healthy enough to be home with them, and I thank the Lord every day that my children are safe and happy. I just hate to see my baby so sick, and really want him better soon.

It feels shallow, when my little boy is ill, to speak of trivial matters such as sports, so I shall NOT comment on how, despite my sorrow at Houston's departure, I am PSYCHED about our new coach! So I shall leave that for another day.


Alice said...

Poor Little Man!!!! Can't buy a good day, can he? Hope all is well in your family soon.

Anonymous said...

We're all praying that Ethan will have a fast recovery from this, in a 'blink of the eye' he'll be back to his old self!! Praise the Lord!! I'm excited about the new coach too!! I'm hoping for some 'reuniting' of the fans!! Talk to you soon!!