Thursday, December 6, 2007

You're gonna put WHAT in my ear?

As most everyone I've talked to in the last couple of days already knows, we are taking Ethan in tomorrow to get another set of tubes put into his ears, and probably his adnoids removed as well. I'm not looking forward to it--the child screamed for an hour coming out of the anesthesia last time--but at least he will stop getting these hideous ear infections. I'll try to post Friday or Saturday to give an update.

Oh, and several people have asked why I haven't blogged on the departure of our football coach. I have decided to wait until his replacement is selected so that I can speak on the subject from a more complete perspective. At the rate the search is going so far, don't be surprised if it's February before you see the post :)

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ethan! I'm so sorry he has to go through that again! I will pray for him (and you and Matt!). Give him and Abby a big hug for me.

Aunt Joyce