Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A dream come true

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an incredibly exciting announcement. It is with great humility and honor that I announce that I have been asked to be homeroom mom for Abby's class.

I am so proud, and will do all I can to live up to the high expectations this society has for all women who hold such an esteemed position. Except for wearing appliqued clothes. There, I draw the line.


Matt said...

Congratulations? And GOOD LUCK!

Mandy said...

Oh - I don't know Nancy - I think that is part of the rule book. I'll be on the lookout for something that jingles or maybe lights up for the Christmas season :)

Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with APPLIQUE??!!

Aunt Joyce :)

Mellie said...

That reminds me of the felt boards they use to tell stories in Sunday School. But I think Mandy is right. They might take away your position if you don't wear the uniform! :)

cori said...

I would LOVE to have you as my homeroom mom!! How about you guys move to Lee district for 5th grade?!?!