Monday, September 29, 2008

It could be radioactive

Today is day 9 of a most unpleasant situation, centering around a mysterious condition/issue/virus that has Ethan's dirty diapers, of which he's averaging 5 a day, registering on the nuclear waste scale. (Okay, I made that up--I don't know if there is a nuclear waste scale.)(But if there is, these bad boys would be on there.)(And if there's not, why not? We should definitely have a way to measure nuclear waste.)

I have no idea what's going on, but we have ALL had just about enough. And just try explaining to a 2 year old that they can't have milk or sugary foods because it will worsen their condition. Logic is not high on his list of strengths.

Tomorrow I am watching the two children of some friends of ours. Their boys are wonderful. Aidan is Ethan's age, and Zachary is a 5 month old. I cannot WAIT! I am just going to put the older boys in Ethan's room with every toy he has and sit on the couch and hold the baby all day. Ahhhhh! Then Wednesday I am the Safegate Mom at Abby's school. I vaguely understand this to mean that I sit at this table near the front of the school and greet guests, plus do helpful things like staple papers and the such. We'll see if the reality matches the concept soon enough, I guess. If not, at least it will beat disposing of nuclear waste.

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Sarah said...

Any tips you have for dealing with nuclear waste that I may file away for future use would be appreciated. Gross.