Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A number poem

What's 8 times 4?
What's 35 minus 3?
They're 32, wanna know who
Is that old today? ME!
Happy birthday ME!


Alice said...

Happy Happy Birthday....hope your day is GREAT!!!

Lindsey said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nance!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sarah said...

I am ashamed. I faithfully check your blog every day to see what you and your crew are up to -- and somehow missed yesterday. How?! And it was your birthday!

Happy Birthday - hope it was a good one.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! Remember how we used to tease you for being younger than us in school? Well now the joke's on us old fogies! :)

Have a great birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, happy happy bithday!!! sorry I missed choir that night!!! Did you celebrate with kids??

Anonymous said...

Annon was me, Kori "0)