Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You think you know, but you have no idea

I have a personal rule that I do not forward emails. Now, once in a great while I will get a video or joke that is particularly humorous, and I will send it to a few specific people that I think might enjoy it. But for the most part I delete whatever I get. ESPECIALLY ones that TELL me to forward them--forget it. And I really don't like the ones where you tell all about yourself and forward it to 15 friends, and then they are supposed to do the same. I love my friends. But. I do not care whether they prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream or what their favorite cartoon was growing up. Sorry.

Last week, though, I got a forward that I decided to act on. it was a reverse of the "let me tell you about myself" emails--it was a "you tell me what you know about me" email. So as a bit of a social experiment, I sent the email, which consisted of around 20 questions, to a variety of people. Some I've known for years, some not very long at all. I got lots of responses back, and I have to admit it was fascinating seeing what people think they know about me, and what they really do know! Here are some of the more interesting findings:

1. People apparently don't like to look me in the eye. Only 3 people correctly guessed that my eyes are blue.

2. My old work friends see right through the facade. While lots of people guessed that my favorite thing to do was spend time with family and friends, the answers I got back from old coworkers include "Be the boss" and "Talk".

3. People know my addictions. When asked what I would want with me if stranded on a desert island, people consistently picked my many attachments, like Chapstick, scrapbooks, Dr. Pepper, and (love the common sense here) a cell phone.

4. Shockingly, everyone predicted that I am outgoing, and not shy. Imagine.

5. The oldest friends know you best. While everyone really did a great job of getting most things right, the award for all around best answers has to go to Melanie. We have been friends for almost 20 years, and it shows. She said that one of my favorite things to do is sit down with Pop Tarts and a big glass of water to watch tv. Only someone who lived with me in college and witnessed me doing exactly that upteen times would know that. And, only someone who has been on more than a few road trips with me would know that if stranded on a desert island, the only things that could really console me would be Chili Cheese Fritos and chocolate chip cookies.

I guess I'm a pretty open book. I'm okay with that, though. At least people seem to be reading it!

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Melanie said...

WooHoo! Rock on! :)