Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh, y'all. Y'all.

Clearly, I am being tested. Having Abby bust her head open less than 24 hours before Matt left the country was nervewracking, but I handled it and managed to regain my calm. I was getting into the groove of single parenthood, albeit temporary. I even did laundry. Then, out of nowhere, Abby got sick. Bizarre, 105 degree fever out of nowhere sick. Throw up on my bed at 3 AM sick. Needs constant attention that I don't have to give when there is also a manic 3 year old in the house sick. Oy.

After a trip to the doctor to see if she has some sort of infection (and to prove to my mother that Abby does not, in fact, have swine flu) things improved, but slowly. My mom thankfully reminded me that I have another child and made sure he got to Mother's Day Out (and picked him up, and got Abby's medicine. THANK you mom!). Now we're almost back to normal. I am torn between relief and fear over what will strike next. I know that I can't let fear rule my life, so I'm just going to take a deep breath and a sip of my Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper and get on with it.

PS. Is it awful that when Abby threw up on my bed at 3 AM, my first thought was, "Great--now I'm not caught up on laundry any more!"?


Sarah said...

What a week - already! Surely the worst is over... right?

Aidan and Zachary said...

soooo glad to hear all is better now!

The Harris Family said...

Nancy! It's Mandy, LaGayle's daughter and you helped with my wedding some 9 years ago! I'm a crazy blogger and my friend told me to follow a link to your blog because it was great... I'm looking and looking and thinking, geez, that looks like Nancy. Hmm... funny, because it is Nancy! So glad to run into you in this bloggin' world!

AMENMom said...

Mandy! How great to hear from you. What's your blog address??