Thursday, July 2, 2009

A sucker for punishment

I am DONE with boot camp! And I'm not dead!

The first week felt like some sort of freakish, surreal punishment. I was all out of sorts from the crazy wake up time--not to mention the fact that my muscles were screaming in fury at my sudden refusal to let them lie dormant. Slowly, though I began to adjust to being up so early, and my body finally gave up the fight for laziness.

I haven't turned into a supermodel or a bodybuilder (thank heavens), but I am no longer panicked about wearing sleeveless shirts, and I'm able to chase after and catch the kids a lot faster. Unbelievably, shockingly, insanely, I am signing up to do this crazy boot camp AGAIN. What?!

Well, it will take the first half of it to undo the damage I plan to do in Florida when we go next week. I intend to reward my muscles for all their hard work by letting them do nothing more strenuous than unfolding a beach chair. I also intend to eat. A lot.

Yeah, no Miss Universe title is imminent.


Cori said...

It's your vacation!!!! Of course you plan to be lazy and eat a lot! I plan on being that way in Mexico!

Sarah said...

Yah for vacation. You deserve it.

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