Thursday, February 25, 2010

Viva Las Vegas, babe!

We're back! We spent a glorious, relaxing 4 days in Las Vegas. Matt had to go to a conference during the day, so I divided my time between sleeping, reading, eating and shopping. My own little slice of heaven. Then at night we went to dinner, downtown Vegas (our favorite) and even to the movies--I highly recommend Valentine's Day.

While we were there, we did the math and figured out that it was Matt's 6th trip to LV, and my 8th. I know, ridiculous. What can I say? We love the place. There's something so fascinating about the hugeness of the buildings and the lengths at which companies go to get your attention. In Arkansas, a heated pool is considered a hot hotel commodity. In Vegas, you need a 40 acre lake that has a fountain show every 15 minutes, or a full-scale pirate battle with 50 actors and pyrotechnics. I love that grandmas with fanny packs walk next to showgirls, and guys at IT conferences eat lunch beside Elvis impersonators. Nothing and no one is out of place in Las Vegas.

Not too much out of the ordinary happened on this trip. We did witness 2 fairly amusing incidents, though:

- On the Dallas-Vegas plane, we sat in front of 3 60-something year old ladies who apparently travel together a lot. One was obviously the ringleader and yapped the whole time in a ridiculous Southern accent. They kept talking about all the trips she was planning for them--at one point she wondered aloud what kind of adapter she'd need for her blowdryer at their "London motel." At one point, one of the other ladies said, "Oh! If you ever plan a trip to China? I don't wanna go." The other lady immediately chimed in, "Me EITHER. Or Singapore?" First lady: "NO." For the next 5 minutes the two of them took turns naming places they WOULD NOT go, and the other would answer with a resounding "NO!" Apparently, anywhere in Asia's out, as well as Africa and Puerto Rico. Adventurers.

- On Tuesday night, Matt and I were standing in front of our hotel, waiting for the light to change so we could cross the street. We noticed a large group approaching, and as they got close it became clear that it was a large wedding party (again, a fairly normal thing to see in Vegas). The couple looked straight out of that New Jersey reality show. Once they got up to us, I realized that all was not well. The bride was BLAZIN mad. The groom had been walking a couple of paces behind her with his buddies, but when they stopped, he came up beside her and said in a booming, Joysey accent, "Ay! Babe! It waddn't my fawlt I was late! My ma needed ta tawlk ta me. What was I posed ta do? Huh?" I think if there had been anywhere in her dress where she could have hidden a weapon (and there was most certainly no such room) we'd have witnessed a murder then and there. I saw, in that moment, the realization in his eyes that he was not going to be able to laugh this one off. Matt and I guessed that within 10 minutes he'd be on his knees begging forgiveness while his friends writhed on the floor laughing. Great way to start a lifelong union.

As much fun as we had, we are so glad to be home. It was great to see the kids again, and I'm sure our parents were VERY glad to see us take them back. I'd love to go back again soon, but my schedule's a little full for a while with having a baby and all. I guess Vegas will have to keep being fabulous without me.


Jennifer said...

OMG. My boss and some of her friends are in Vegas right now and when you mentioned the ladies on the plane, I thought "that could TOTALLY have been them." Except I wouldn't think any of them look 60ish. But that sounds like a conversation they would have had.

Glad you had a good time. =)

Matt said...

You are blog deficient... Please post again soon - I know your kids have done something hilarious in the last eight days!