Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maybe I should have asked about the curriculum

When kids start going to school, there must be some secret meeting where they're trained to reveal nothing about their day to their parents, no matter how much prodding they receive. What did you do today? Nothing. What did you learn? Don't remember. What did you have for lunch? I forgot.

It drives me batty. Abby's finally learning that it's easier to just give me a couple of nuggets of information than to suffer through my harrassment. Ethan is a wall of silence, though. He will stand by his insistence that his brain has completely deleted the contents of his day no matter what I do, or threaten to do.

Except for today. Today he threw me for a loop. We got in the car, and I asked him to tell me what he learned, not really expecting an answer--just doing my motherly duty. So imagine my surprise when the following conversation ensued:

Me: So Ethan! What did you learn today?

E: Tricks.

Me: Your teacher taught you tricks?

E: Yep.

Me: What kind of tricks?

E: Doing headstands.

Me: Headstands??

E: Yep. Headstands and clown juggling.

Me. Um.

E: Oh, and you know what else?

Me: Clown juggling?

E: Yes, mommy. Clown juggling. And you know what I learned about Friday?

Me; What?

E: That it's Tuesday.

Me: Ummm.You learned that Friday is Tuesday.

E: Yep. And do you know what ELSE I learned?

Me: I'm pretty sure I don't have any idea.

E: I can't tell you. My teacher said I can't tell my mom and dad the other thing that I learned.

Me: Well then.

I figure one of three things is going on here:

1) My son lives in a world of his own imagination a good portion of the time, and I took a little visit there today.

2) My son has gotten tired of me asking about his day, and decided to try to freak me out enough that I won't ask any more.

3) Pre-school is WAY different than when I went.


The Langhams said...

Well, definitely the 3rd one!! LOL and probably the 2nd, he is a smart little bugger!! LOL

Jennifer said...

I want to see him juggle some clowns.

Julianna said...

I want to go back to preschool.

Siobhan said...

I have the best time reading about the events in ya'lls lives! So much fun!

Melanie said...

Wow! Thanks for the heads up...Rachel will be starting preschool soon!