Tuesday, October 19, 2010

iPhone Photo Fun

Okay, so it's technically been longer than a week since my last iPhone Photo Fun post. A smidge longer. A scootch. My bad. Hopefully my superior photography skills and saucy wit will compensate for what I lack in timeliness.

This was taken when I was pregnant (obviously, I hope). My aunt became obsessed with me texting her a picture of my expecting self, and I finally did it to get her off my back. This was the one I didn't send, because A) I was still prepping myself, and B) my husband is a goofball.

Blech. There was a period of some weeks in which Abby's smile resembled that of a hillbilly due to her numerous lost teeth. When I was a kid I had no qualms about pulling my own teeth, but for some reason now it grosses. me. OUT. I could barely even look at her when I took this picture.

This is Ethan and one of his BFFs, Aidan. They play soccer together, and they can be entertained for hours by being sent on "soccer missions" in our yard. For example, I'll tell them to kick their soccer balls to the tree, then pick them up and walk backwards to the bench, then sit on them for 10 seconds, then repeat. This was the sitting for 10 seconds part.

Blech again. We took the kids to Tulsa in August for our Daycation. We went to the Aquarium, and there was an albino turtle there. It both fascinated and repulsed me. Look at its creepy red eyes!

Awww. This one is definitely not blech. No big story here, just me smooching on my (at the time) itty bitty baby. The one that is now over 5 months old and working his way steadily to Butterball status.

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LindaM said...

I like this picture of you pregnant! Wish you would have sent me this one!