Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only the best for my boy

We've all heard it: No matter what great presents you get a baby, they only want to play wtih the box. I am here to tell you that it could not be more true.

Aaron is 9 months old now. Because he's still in his body cast, the easiest way to entertain him is to perch him in my lap, facing out, and hand him small toys to play with, one at a time. He plays, throws the toy on the floor when he's tired of it, and then I give him another. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

When we figured out this method, I went through the house, collecting all of the small, fun toys I could find and putting them in a bin. Then I went to the store and bought a few more small, bright toys so he'd have plenty of options. Of course, some toys get more attention than others depending on his mood, but there are several that I can depend on to keep him entertained the longest. They are:

- An empty water bottle
- The funnel drain attachment for my panini maker
- A gift bow from Christmas
- The foam keychain that came with his diaper bag
- A spoon
- The lids from several small Tupperware containers
- The DVD player remote
- A calculator

It's okay though! It makes getting his birthday present really easy. I'm just going to wrap up a few toilet paper tubes and a comb and call it a day.


Cori said...

Katie is happiest when she has a spatula and the lid off of a tuperware container... Toys? How needs them when you've got a kitchen full of stuff?!

Lacy said...

Funny! We use several of those same things too! It's the simple things in life.

Melanie said...

HA!!! Mine do the same thing!! They especially love the paper towel roll after I use all the towels. They make great swords ;)

So nice to "meet" you today!
Melanie :)