Monday, April 11, 2011

The biggest lie I've ever told

One night last week, I was getting ready to tuck Abby and Ethan in for the night (they share a room). E was already in his pajamas on the top bunk, but before Abby changed I needed her to try on a new shirt. It was too big in the neck, but otherwise fit okay. I asked Abby what she thought. Here's the conversation, EXACTLY as it happened:

Me: Abby, do you like it?

Abby: Well, no. Because it's big at the top and it might show my am I allowed to call these?

Me: It's okay. You can call them your boobs. But you know, you don't really talk about those with anyone. Except me if you need to, but that's something private that we don't talk about with other people.

Abby: Oh, I know. I would be embarrassed. (GOOD to know, since she rarely has any vocal filter). But, um, what are they REALLY called? Like, what's their official name?

Me: Well, I think you must be thinking of the word "breasts."

Abby: Yes! Breasts. That's what I was trying to remember. But girls still don't talk about their breasts, except with their moms.

Me: Right.

Ethan: Mom, do boys ever talk about breasts?

Me: No. Never. Not EVER, son.


LoriB said...

You're safe. No lie here. Boys don't talk ever talk about breasts...always boobs.

Julianna said...

Totally safe.

'round here they call them Ta-Tas.

Sarah said...

Ethan will totally love you to pieces when he's old enough to read your blog.