Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Proud to be that thing

I am in absolute and total denial that Aaron is turning one in just over a week. It cannot be happening.

Here's the thing. Aaron's my baby. My last baby. My last chance to hold my own tiny, squishy, smells-like-heaven itty-bitty person. I have loved it, and I don't want it to end. I don't want this sweet, curious, snuggly baby to turn into a moody, sneaky, dramatic (and fine, probably really cute too) toddler. I don't NEED an older kid. I have two of those already.

Because of some circumstances with my c-sections, it would be too risky for me to have any more children. I have told Matt repeatedly that if it were left up to me, I'd have 18 more. He points out that while Aaron is an exceptionally well behaved, low maintenance baby, there's no guarantee that if we had another it wouldn't be the exact opposite. He also points out that maybe the reason I want to have more babies so badly is just because I've been told I CAN'T. Huh. He may have a point or two, I suppose. Still. Just one more?? Okay, fine.

I fear that I am going to become that thing that I have mocked--the mother that dotes on the "baby" of the family. All right, so maybe I have already become that thing. I'm sure it will get better as he gets older.

Just in case, though, stage an intervention if I'm still carrying him on my hip when he's 5.


Jennifer said...

I'm that thing, too. Zoe is most definitely babied over the other two, no matter how many times I tell myself not to do it. Olivia and Isabelle were encouraged to be "big girls" because there was a baby right behind them - at times I barely remember them being babies. So I am eeking all the baby out of Zoe before I let her be a big girl =)

LoriB said...

As long as you're not still nursing when he's 5, I think you'll (and he'll) be ok :)

Gina said...
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