Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The healing powers of tater tots

Okay, this time I have a TOTALLY good excuse for the delay in posting. Last Wednesday, my mom and I drove down to Little Rock for what was supposed to be an overnight trip to take my grandmother to have some medical tests done. However, she needed a few more tests after that, and the doctor wanted to observe her, so she ended up being in the hospital all weekend. I didn't get home until Sunday night. She's doing very well now, thanks to her couple of days of rest and hydration in the hospital. Thanks to everyone who checked in on her and prayed for her, and everyone who covered for me at work and church while I was gone.

Those of you that know my grandmother know that she is NOT what you think of when you think of an almost-80 year old woman. She is energetic and feisty and independent, on top of being literally the nicest person I have ever met. Having to lay in a hospital bed and be waited on was NOT her cup of tea. However, as soon as she started feeling a little better, we had a great time--just talked and talked, and laughed a LOT.

One of the highlights of the weekend came on Saturday. when my mom brought me a Sonic Kid's meal for lunch. Right now, the toys they give out are a series of stuffed tater tots. Yes, it is as bizarre and funny as it sounds. You can see the entire line of Tots here: http://www.sonicdrivein.com/kids/wackyPackStuff.jsp

My grandmother looked over right as I pulled mine out of its bag, and asked what it was. I announced that it was her get well present, a friend to keep her company in bed. This particular tot was named Spicy Tot. I perched Spicy on my grandmother's shoulder, and he stayed there for pretty much the rest of the time in the hospital. Oh, the looks we got from nurses! I think the best moment was when the girl brought in the dinner tray for my grandmother and we asked her where Spicy Tot's food was. These people have no sense of humor!


Linda Middleton said...

Oh, the power of the "spicy tot!" If we would have only known sooner what a spicy tot would have been able to do for her....... And I say thanks too for all the prayers for our mom! It was the first time in my adult life that I've seen our mom in the hospital- she is one spunkie lady, but to see her laying there spunkless- it was really hard! Becasue she is that very strong, spunkie lady of faith, she is on the mend! There is no greater joy and honor to me, than to help take care of the lady who continues to do so much for everyone else! She is "my angel mom!"

Sarah said...

Laughter is truly the best medicine sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this! Tell your grandmom that i'm thinking about her and praying for her. She is one very, very special lady :)


Joyce McKinney said...

I say a BIG "Ditto" to all the nice things said about Jean! I have known her for 53 years; and I know of no fault she has that would ever offend or discourage anyone. I'm proud to have her as my sister-in-law. In fact, I never had any sisters of my own until I got married....then I had FOUR of them!

Keep the Blog going, Nancy! I love reading it.

Aunt Joyce

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to your Grandma.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of Mom Golden. I am glad to know that she is feeling much better now. Matt and Noah miss her. The other day Noah colored her name on his etch-a-sketch after school.