Monday, October 8, 2007


What's that saying about old friends being as valuable as gold? Now, I don't like anything that implies I am aged, but I have to say that the old friend bit is true. Last Sunday, I was with my three best girlfriends for a very exciting occasion. Melanie, who has known me since I was 11 years old, been my closest friend and best supporter, college roommate and maid of honor, had a baby shower in LR in anticipation of the arrival of her first born, Rachel Elayne (LOVE the name!) Mandy, who has recently joined me as a citizen of NWA, and I drove down for the shower and Jenn (her abbreviated spelling, not mine) met us there.

It will surprise no one when I say that I think I make friends rather easily, and there are several women that I'm lucky enough to have close relationships with. However Mandy, Melanie and Jenn are on a different level altogether. There's just so much history, and they have seen me at my absolute worst--and vice versa, so don't even think about spilling on the comments, girls. I don't think I would be the same person without the three of them in my life.

Anyway, the shower was wonderful, and we got a great picture of the 4 of us. This is rare, since we are spread out over 2 states now and are usually too busy gabbing when we're together to actually take photographs. So here I am with my best friends. Aren't I lucky?

I have MUCH to tell about this past weekend--it was fabulous, and I have many pictures to back up the claim. However, there's something called work that they expect me to do around here, so it will have to wait until later.


Alice said...

What a great picture. You all look fantastic. Mel has the GLOW!!!!

Cherish that time that you get to all be together.

Anonymous said...

We really are lucky to have each other! And it meant so much to me that all three of you traveled so far to be at my shower :) I just wish it could have lasted longer!


Outnumbered said...

Who is the really good looking red-head in the purple top? Wow, I need her number!!! >:-)