Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Might as well face it

Don't think I don't know that you are checking my blog to see if I've updated, and when you see that I haven't you're muttering something smarmy under your breath about how inconsistent I am, and how your other friends blog all the time, and how you're going to just quit reading mine if I don't step it up. But what you and I both know is that you're addicted to AMENmom, and you'll always come back! Besides, it's registration week at work, and literally thousands of students are relying on my dedicated expertise to ensure their smooth transition into the spring semester. You wouldn't want to put your needs before theirs, would you?

More coming soon, I PROMISE.


Anonymous said...

um, yes! I want to see the game pictures from last weekend when our AR Razorbacks played Florida International House of Pancakes- guess who

Anonymous said...

Yes, bring on the Internationa House of Pancakes pictures! We want to see them all. Guess who too?