Friday, February 15, 2008

Movin' Out--be back Tuesday

As usual, it's been a busy week for AMEN. Wednesday night I went to see Movin' Out with my mom at the Walton Arts Center. It was fantastic. I love Billy Joel, but this was like Billy Joel plus some extra fabulous thrown in. Thanks for taking me, mom!

We celebrated V Day by dropping the kids off at day care and heading to Little Rock so that I could go to a doctor's appointment with my grandmother. We got back in time to pick the kids up and head home, where our faithful babysitters Cori and Matt relieved us so that we could go to dinner. When you're old and boring and married like us, double dates are more fun than single ones, so we went with our friends Chad and Marla. We all ate way to much food and had a great time. I have more to say on the V Day subject, but I will have to wait and post it later tonight.

I leave for a conference in San Fransisco tomorrow. I am quite excited. I've never been there before--actually I've never been to California before (unless you count a layover at LAX once)(which I don't, because I never even left the airport)(thank goodness, because all manner of hoodlums and vagrants were hanging out right outside the doors)(which actually does make it seem like I've been to California). At any rate, I'll try to post again tonight, and then again when I get back next week. TTFN!

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