Monday, February 25, 2008

Belly button luuuv

Abby's always been a little ahead of the game, so it shouldn't surprise me that she's once again done something well before I was prepared. It seems that at the ripe old age of 4 she has developed her first crush. That she has the capacity does not surprise me--after all, she was born to a mother who was THE biggest New Kids on the Block fan EVER, and to this day swoons a wee bit if she sees Joe McIntyre on TV.

The object of Abby's affection is also a well known guy--in fact, she isn't smitten with the guy so much as the character he plays. This all started when, some months ago, we finally got around to recording and letting Abby watch Disney's High School Musical. I had heard gobs about it, but had never seen it. Abby had heard about it from all her friends, and begged to see it. As much as I hate to admit it, Matt and I actually like the silly thing. It's cute. For those of you who live under a rock (or at least don't live with a young girl), the basic concept is Grease--without the sex, alcohol, or drag racing. It's squeaky clean and has some very catchy songs. After viewing it, Matt and I deemed it an acceptable craze for our daughter and let her proceed. And proceed she did. The child has two HSM shirts, a purse, a necklace, a bike keeps going. She has seen both HSM and HSM 2 a zillion times each, and begs for more.

Recently, though, Abby's attentions have shifted from the movie in general to the male lead specifically. Played by Zac Efron (a cutie, even I have to admit), Troy is a basketball player and, as it turns out, one huckuva singer.
Now, Abby has no clue who Zac Efron is--that is Troy to her. Troy is real and Troy is HER man. She claims to dream about Troy most nights, and her HSM viewings now consist of maintaining a count of how many times she sees Troy's belly button during the movie. Now, Troy never appears shirtless in the movie--her BBS (belly button sightings) come from painstakingly watching the movie for a glimpse of his abdomen when he's dancing and his shirt bounces up. When it shows itself, she squeals like he showed it just for her.
Matt and I alternate beween amusement and terror at this development. HOW did she learn how to have a crush at such a young age? Who taught her to get excited about a belly button? I suppose we should be relieved that he's such a G-rated guy, and also that he's someone that she'll probably never meet. Lord help us when she gets her first in-person love. For that matter, help him, whoever he may be.


Alice said...

This is too cute and okay a little scarey. I am not looking forward to the boy crazy stage of life.

I love HSM and HSM2 as well.

Sarah said...

We happened to catch a rerun of "Home Improvement" in the last week and I have to admit that Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the Zac Efron of my childhood and I totally sympathize with Abby.

I wouldn't be too worried about it -- I don't remember ever giving it a second thought that JTT was not going to *actually* be my boyfriend. It was just fun.

The belly button thing, though - that's all you.

Mellie said...

Don't worry. I had crushes at a young age too. To show how old I am...I had a major thing for Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard around age 5. So much so, that I declared my love for him in crayon on my bedroom wall one afternoon when I was mad at my parents for some reason or another. It looks like Abby has better taste than I did at that age :)

Terri said...

I am hosting a Frugal Life+Kids week on my blog later this month and am looking for other local bloggers to participate. If you are interested, email me. Sorry that this is a comment, but I don't have your email! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! Remember when Sydney (when she was 4) told everyone she was going to marry Zach McGarragh (a cute & good Christian boy)? 11 years older than her! Funny they both liked Zachs! Sydney got over that & told everyone that he was her friend! So, it does pass and moves on. Now in 1st grade, there's only been one boy she talks about, but "he's NOT my boyfriend!" as she says. Daddy LOVES it when she talks that way! I CAN wait for the rest! I love that Abby watches for his belly! She never thought of that!