Friday, February 15, 2008

My man

I'm like any other wife. When I'm with my girlfriends, I yak about how Matt plays video games all the time, how he doesn't always pay attention when I'm talking to him, how he forgets stuff. I roll my eyes along with them and say things like, "Men--they're all alike."

Only they're not. I want to say here, for everyone to see, that I am fully aware that I have the most fantastic husband on the planet. I am reminded of this frequently by other people--by my grandmother when she sees the incredible way Matt takes care of the kids, from my friends when they come over and he cooks all the food, from our friends at church that giggle when we still hold hands. But no one has to tell me what I already know. God's given me a lot of great gifts int his life, but Matt's at the top of the list. How he puts up with me, I'll never know. I sure am grateful for it, though. He's a better husband and father than I ever thought I could find.

For Valentine's Day this year, rather than buy a card, I made a little composition of my own. After I gave it to him, I asked him if he would mind if I posted it on the blog. At first he squirmed a bit, mainly because of #27 (which you will PLEASE not ask him about so as to spare him the embarrassment of the story--I can tell you later if you really want to know, and it really is a very sweet story). I finally convinced him that my true intention was to show the world how great he truly is, so he agreed.

Matt, I love you tremendously. Thank you for letting me tell everyone just how much.

The 50 Reasons Why I Love Matt (as written to him):

1. You love Christ.
2. You love our children.
3. Those calves!
4. You’re musical.
5. You’re the best father I’ve ever met.
6. You’re smarter than me—sometimes.
7. You’re funny.
8. You care about other people.
9. I trust you.
10. You like the same TV shows as I do, for the most part.
11. You put up with my family.
12. You’ve helped me through every difficulty of my adult life.
13. That beard is hot.
14. You always drive when we go on trips.
15. You get up early with the kids.
16. You take me on dates.
17. You don’t complain when I play FreeCell before bed every night.
18. You’re good to our dog.
19. You teach a children’s choir and love it.
20. You always try to give me what I want.
21. You like sports.
22. You don’t mind that I like sports too.
23. You’re willing to take me to Paris.
24. You supported me when I started my own business—twice.
25. You help me believe I’m a good mother.
26. You think our kids are as cool as I do.
27. You ran outside naked in the winter so you could cool me off.
28. You dance.
29. You’re a fabulous kisser.
30. You tell me I’m attractive, and I believe you think it.
31. You never complain when I go out of town for work.
32. In fact, you don’t really complain at all.
33. You coached our daughter’s soccer team and enjoyed it.
34. You respect your parents and are good to them.
35. You like musicals.
36. You treat my grandmother like she’s yours.
37. You know how to cook really well.
38. You instantly agree to help anyone who needs it.
39. You know how to fix all kinds of things.
40. You accepted my new family without reservation.
41. You never forget my birthday or our anniversary.
42. You hold hands with me in public.
43. You start my car on cold mornings.
44. You always say “I love you” before we hang up the phone.
45. You put effort into being a good father.
46. You look things up for me on the computer whenever I ask you to.
47. You have the respect of everyone you know.
48. You manage our finances.
49. You give fantastic back rubs.
50. You love me.


Anonymous said...

So, are you going to start working for Hallmark or Dayspring anytime soon?

Mellie said...

That is so sweet! One question though...wouldn't him running around naked have the opposite effect of cooling you down??? :)

Anonymous said...

We should all be so lucky! I've had the pleasure of knowing Matt for most of the year's that I've known Nancy and I can honestly say she's a blessed woman. Though I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm from another planet and wishes that I would do less to encourage his daughter, he's always been good to me too. What can I say, I'm a big fan. Love you both! Autumn

Anonymous said...

#27 is one of my favorite Matt & Nancy stories! I rarely laugh as hard as I did the first time I heard it. Thanks for bragging on your man & our God. We know that "every good & perfect gift is from Him." Our husbands certainly are that! It's scary how much Matt & Chad have in common. At least we can recognize how undeserving we are! Marla

Anonymous said...

I'm late in reading this, but that was great!! Our God is so big and wonderful and thought of each one us when they blessed us with our husbands!! I think that's why we are such good friends and it's funny that our husbands are so much alike and like each other too!! I still need to hear about #27!!!