Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

I would challenge any college student to claim they had a better spring break than me. Our trip to Alabama was fantastic. We rented a minivan to be sure to have enough room, and we got a sweet 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with only 1600 miles on it. If I ever wondered if I've become a full blown "mom", it was confirmed the minute that I got excited about a minivan. Anyway, it was a sweet ride. And it turned out to be a good thing that we had all that space, because my aunt and grandmother loaded Abby up with presents while we were in Alabama. When we were loading the car to leave, my aunt literally kept walking up to me with bags of stuff for her until the car was full.

Abby behaved beautifully on the trip and had a ball playing with her cousins. She and I got to spend a lot of time together, which is rare and valuable for me. As much fun as we had, we were ready to get back home to our boys. Now life has returned to normal (if you could have ever called it that). We have plenty going on, so check back soon--I feel some blogging bounty coming!

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for your next Blog. 'Seems like you guys were gone a month! Anyway, I had heard the "other side" of the story from Phyllis. She also told about how good the trip was for her. Can you believe how WELL she is?!

Aunt Joyce