Thursday, March 27, 2008

The whole truth, in pictures and words

While I'm sure everyone appreciates my witty blog entries, I know that most people just come for the pictures. I can't let my fans down, so here are some pictures of what AMEN has been up to lately.

Friday before last, my office had a staff retreat and went roller skating. I had way more fun on the rink than I thought I would--who knew it would come back to me so quickly? It was like being in 6th grade all over again. Here's proof that I can at least balance on skates:

My Aunt Phyllis bought these things called Plasma Cars for Abby and her cousins Elsa, Anna and Chip. The point is to turn the handle back and forth to propel the car, but the kids had more fun flying down a hill. Here are the four rough riders:

Plasma Car action--Abby was way more brave than I thought she would be:

Elsa, Abby and Anna hanging out:

Last weekend was Abby's BFF Audrey's birthday party. Abby got Audrey a Best Friends book that came with one of those necklace sets that has half a heart on each necklace. Here are the girls showing off their new jewelry:
And because I can't have a picture post without showing you the Blonde Wonder, here's Ethan doing a little jamming at Audrey's party:

Now, I must end this post with an apology and an addendum to a previous post. When I blogged about our trip last week, I failed to mention an important component of the trip. On our way to Alabama, we stopped in Jackson for a very nice visit with Poppa D (my father) and Donnet, much to Abby's delight. Her delight turned into outright nirvana when we allowed her to stay in Mississippi for the night for a sleepover. She went to the movies and a pizza/game place similar to Chuck E Cheese, and was thoroughly spoiled for 24 hours. Then Poppa D and Donnet, along with Abby's beloved Uncle Sam, delivered her to us in Birmingham the next afternoon. There was an adjustment period in which she had to rediscover what it is to be told no, since I'm pretty sure that NEVER happened while she was with them, but she handled it well. I'm glad we got to see them, and I'm really glad Abby got the chance to stay with them. To Poppa D and Donnet: sorry for failing to mention our visit! And the only reason I haven't put any pictures of this part of our trip up is becuase I don't have any. I can rest assured, though, that Poppa D has virtually every moment recorded for posterity.
Okay, hopefully the picture seekers are satisfied now and I can get back to focusing on my clever prose. Who knows, I may even post again today. You know you love it!

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Poppa D said...

You are sooooo wrong! When Abby asked, "do I HAVE to go to bed right now???"... I said "No."