Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Better than duct tape?

Matt is out of town until Friday, we started New Student Orientation yesterday, and Abby has swim lessons every night this week. Laundry is piled to my ceiling, and it's competing with the dishes. AND, I have a paper cut in the tiny bridge of skin between my ring finger and my pinkie--do you know how much those hurt?!

Okay, just had to get that off my chest. Now, enough whining. I had hoped that someone would ask me to list some of the examples of the million uses for Wal Mart bags to which I referred in my last post. No one did, but I'm not the kind of gal that lets something like that get in my way (don't you love the word gal?). Here are a few of my favorites. Feel free to add your own.

Great Uses for Wal Mart Bags

1. Hair cover for running to the car in the rain.
2. Substitute lunch box.
3. Garage sale check-out bag.
4. Container for wet swimsuit.
5. Luggage.
6. Parachute for a very tiny person.
7. Trash can liner.
8. Purse.
9. Material for VERY cute tote bag.
(this is actually pretty cool--take a look: http://jas.familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts?page=CraftDisplay&craftid=11987)
10. Stinky diaper container.
11. Snow boots.
12. Disposable gloves.
13. Packing material.
14. Textured wall paint applicator.
15. Christmas light string storage container.

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Mellie said...

they're good for picking up dog poop on the run (works as a glove and disposal bag). not too pleasant, but nonetheless useful!