Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mickey, hold on to your ears (or at least cover them)--here comes AMEN!

Right now, it is a little after 11 PM on Thursday night. Our living room is a sea of luggage, toys, clothes, sunscreen, and sippy cups. My brain is a sea of flight reservations, packing lists, park hours and quantum physics. Okay, not the last one, but it might as well jump in there too.

Though I joke a lot about the likelihood that this vacation will kill us, in all reality I am really looking forward to it. The kids are going to LOVE the parks and all the swimming we'll do, and that will be so fun to watch. Also, I am an amusement park freak, and I have never--repeat, never--been to Disney World before. This is huge for me! It's like my own little thrill ride Mecca.

I will try to find a way to blog while we're gone, but I can't make any promises. In the meantime, entertain yourself imagining what Ethan and Abby could be putting the Disney characters through, and guessing how many times I can convince Matt to ride Space Mountain in a row. Fun times!

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