Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last week was another busy one (WHEN does the lying on the couch eating bonbons happen??) that culminated with one of the most anticipated events of the season--the premiere of High School Musical 3 on the big screen. Abby loves her HSM. She has an extensive product collection, and listens to the music so much that even her little brother walks around belting out Bop to the Top.

Even though I resisted the machine that is HSM at first, I am now a devoted fan myself. If she's going to glom onto something, this is a great choice--it's squeaky clean and has catchy tunes and is even occasionally clever. Plus, it lets me bond with her girl to girl, which is really fun. My own New Kids on the Block days aren't that far gone, and so I'm able to sort of relive that experience with her. Sort of.

The movie came out Friday, and it has been on our calendar for ages. I bought tickets in advance for the two of us and Matt's sister Renee, who booked it from her teaching job to meet us for the 4:20 show. (There was a brief time in which I considered checking her out of school to see the first showing, but Matt quickly and firmly put the kabosh on that. He's no fun.)

The movie was GREAT. I was getting jiggy in my seat, already identifying the songs that will be floating through our house constantly for the next few years. When the two main stars kissed, I covered Abby's eyes jokingly, and she had a MAJOR hissy fit. She loves that romance stuff! Sadly, though she watched vigilantly for it the entire movie, Troy's belly button did not make an encore appearance. I guess there's always hope that HSM 4 will come through.


Matt said...

This is completely unrelated to your blog posting, but I wanted to tell you that we will get your car seat to you this week... Would it be easiest for Cori to take it by Coleman's one afternoon?

AMENMom said...

That would be perfect Matt, thanks!

Gloria Brown said...

I love how you guys are communicating on your blog. That's amazing.

Working with the P-12 grade age range, I completely understand your new found appreciation of HSM. But no worries, NKOTB are touring now and will be in St. Louis in November. Is Abby up for a trip down memory lane? Maybe Joe will show his belly button!

Anonymous said...

When I asked Abby what her favorite part of the movie was, she said when Troy & Gabriella kissed. Look out now!


cori said...

Emma, Mom, and I are going to go see it again! I haven't seen it, yet. So, Emma thinks I need to see it. I think we may go after trick-or-treating on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Sydney is waiting for her cousin Emma to get here to see it with us!!! She can hardley wait!!

Anonymous said...

okay, it got away before I could type my name!!

Kori "o)