Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a scary, scary day

Tomorrow, I have to get up, get ready, dress two children in their Halloween costumes (HSM cheerleader and tiger), take the little one to pre-school, go to school with the big one, help her class do a "Say Boo To Drugs" parade through the school's neighborhood, hand out popcorn at their dance party, zip over to see his parade, dash back to organize and throw her class party, pick up the little one from pre-school, clean the house, greet the friends and family we are expecting for trick -or-treating, feed everyone dinner, take the kids TOTing, hand out candy to other TOTers, clean up, put two heavily sugared children to bed, and then follow suit.

I'm busting into the Halloween candy a little early this year. Like right now.


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Wow! Good luck with today! :) I know you're not a coffee drinker, but have you seen the caffeine-laced chocolates they make now? You might want to check those out...maybe to help you get through the afternoon! (and make sure the kids don't eat any of those types of chocolates tonight by accident!)

Y'all are gonna have lots of fun!