Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm a prisos--and that's a good thing

AMEN had a really nice weekend. Friday night, Matt and I got to watch my cousin Kenneth and his team plow their way to another victory, making them 7-0 for the season. It was a great game and fun to be with my family.

Quite a bit of the pre-and post-game conversation we had centered around our son, who--ready for this one?--pulled the fire alarm at his school on Friday. Mmm-hmmm. I don't want to hear any of that "oh, he's a good boy, just a little active" mess any more from any of you. He is a menace! I thought I feared Abby's teenage years. Oh, but when he's sweet, he's sooo sweet. I'm defenseless.

Abby has officially finished her first 9 weeks of Kindergarten. To the amazement of her father and me, she seems to be reading and writing all of a sudden. It's all she wants to do. You know me, book freak, I'm loving it. Her big thing now is to write notes to us. Tonight I got one that said:


That's "My mom is a princess" in Abby-phonics. I'm going to get it framed.

There is a downside to this new skill of hers, though. Gone are the days that we can tell her that a box of candy says it has carrots in it, or that the TV guide doesn't show Hannah Montana coming on any time soon. Her abilities also seem to have gone to her head a bit, and she frequently speaks to us in this exasperated tone that indicates that now that she knows everything, it is reeeeeally irritating to have to deal with her parents of lesser intelligence.

Well, no one can accuse us of having boring children.


Sarah said...

I absolutely love these stories. And am more than a little worried that our guy is going to be "just a little active", too...

Matt said...

Has anyone ever accused you of having boring children? Certainly not Cori or I! We're looking forward to seeing the kids Friday!

cori said...

I'm sure the folks at Colemans are LOVING Ethan right about now!! I think it is absolutely hilarious ;o). As for Pricess Abby... Her phonetic spelling is outstanding! I knew exactly what it said before you actually wrote what it said! YEA FOR HER!