Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am SO irritated. I watched most of Idol live, but had to pause it around 7:40 because it was a choice between putting the kids to bed and stuffing them under the couch. When I came back, I watched the rest--only to have it cut off right before Adam sang! I am so irritated. Seriously, they know that an hour means 60 minutes. Is it SO hard to keep track? And I think the way they do it seriously gyps (gips?) the last singer.

Anyway, tonight was wierd. I thought the best performance was Matt--that's definitely the type of song he can pull off. And I didn't think Kris was awful, just not quite as spectacular as he has been. Abby was furious with Simon for his comments to Kris. He has made an enemy forever!

What did you think? And how did Adam do? I'm off to see if I can find it out on YouTube yet.


Mandy said...

OMG! I can't believe you missed Adam. Simon actually gave him a standing Ovation. I have my DVR set to record for 5 minutes extra (I missed the announcement of the winner 2 seasons ago - it cut off with "the winner is") Even with my 5 minutes extra, I didn't get to hear if Simon said anything, he stood up and it ended. I didn't know the song he sang (maybe I could have and he changed it - possible with him) but it was incredible. It was entirely in his falsetto. Crazy good.

Cameron Magee said...

I love your writing

"it was a choice between putting the kids to bed and stuffing them under the couch"


Matt said...

Our DVR cut off, too; fortunuately, we record Fringe right after Idol, so we caught the end of Idol at the beginning of that recording! I thought it was an off night... The only two that stood out to me were Matt and Allison (and, yes, I still refuse to acknowledge that Adam has even an ounce of talent). Danny and Kris were mediocre, and I think Anoop, Lil, and Scott should all be very worried.

AMENMom said...

Thanks Cameron!

Alice said...

I am still SO in LOVE with Adam. I think he could honestly sing the phonebook and make it amazing. He is pure talent in my opinion. To get a standing O from Simon is quite an acomplishment.

I am still stuck on Danny and Kris as well. We normally DVR AI but happen to be watching live last night so we were lucky to catch Adam.

It is time for Scott to go home. He is not in the same league as the others at this point. There is still something I like about Anoop but he is too inconsistant. Judges are right about Lil, she is a great singer but not an artist! I like Matt but he does not look like a star to me.

Just my thoughts about the whole AI thing this week.

Patty said...

In case you haven't seen Adam's performance yet, facebook has a link where you can watch it.

Patty said...

Here it is!