Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Idol on speed

It's been a loooong day and I'm tired, so you get the uberfast Idol recap. Blink and you'll miss it. Ready? Here goes.

Kris and Adam are amazing. Danny is great. Everyone else is inconsequential. I could go the rest of my life and never hear disco again, and be fulfilled.

I promise not to let another week go by without a post. My bad.


Aidan and Zachary said...

Oh no! The kids exhausted you so much that you couldn't do your weekly duty!

The Langhams said...

I say vote Adam off so he can go cut a CD...but if they do that..who would we look foward to seeing? Oh yeah, all us Arkansas people are supposed to be supporting Kris. I think he's good, and since he is from here, I will support, but I say Adam is the best. Oh, I agree with canning Paula..(from your last post)..why not, it always worked with 3 before, and no one understands what she wants to say. :)

Joycee said...

I think Adam is the clearcut winner right now but maybe that's not fair. I see you are in NW AR too? I am at http://grannymountain.blogspot.com
come and visit!
joy c.