Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idol recap

I can't believe we're already down to 7 people! Season 8, you have passed so quickly. Thoughts on movie night:

Allison: She's good, but I just can't get past my vague annoyance with her. I didn't think this one was as good as some of her other songs, plus David Cook tore this song UP last year, so there was no comparison for me.

Anoop: Very good, but again I just can't count him as one of my favorites.

Adam: Dude, I just love him. I think he's so cool. Abby has her doubts. When he finished, she said, "I didn't like it. I mean, I get the fact that we were all born to be wild, but still." Seriously, how old IS she?

Matt: Whoo, rough. Matt's growing on me, but that song was not so good.

Danny: Great as always, tinged with sadness. He's so cheery you forget he's a 20 something widow.

Kris: LOVED it. I had never heard that song, but I thought it was so cool. I'll download it for sure.

Lil: You know, she's not earth shattering, but she's not as bad as Simon makes her out to be either. What is his deal?

Quentin: That dude is a trip. Loved it at the beginning when he said Ryan's line.

Paula: Was I the only one who noticed that her tongue was blue, like she'd just had a lollipop?

Oh, and I think that the "only 2 judges commenting on each contestant" thing was a total cop-out, and not a good solution. How about you cut the commercials and the junk at the beginning? And perhaps can Paula? That would help.


Alice said...

I so agree with you. I am such an Adam fan it is crazy. I didn't think I would be in the begining but Brian and I said tonight that if he was to record tomorrow we would buy it as soon as it reached the shelf.

Kris and Danny still make me happy too!

Outnumbered said...

I would be happy if they dropped Paula. I so much prefer Kara - her comments at least make sense. And I agree Alice & Brian - I would buy an Adam CD tomorrow.


Matt said...

I am with Abby on Adam, but I'll agree with you on the rest of them. Kris and Danny are, of course, my favorites! And I hated the fact that Simon didn't get to comment on three of the performances. In my opinion, if they're really needing to save time, they could drop both Randy and Paula...

LindaM said...

Adam is way over the edge for me- he certainly has a good voice and can sing, but I'm too "old school" and don't care for his dramatic appearances. I think Anoop did real well, as well as Danny, Matt, Lil Rounds, and the first girl- (I forgot her name) and then there was Kris- have never heard the song before, but I loved it- of course I love anything he sings. The boy is good, and I must remind you all, his heart for God is AMAZING!

Melanie said...

I totally agree Adam has a great voice, but there's something I just can't get past. Not sure what it is...maybe he's too theatrical for me? Loved Kris' song and Danny too. And I missed getting to hear Simon's commentary for every singer too.