Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are three weeks away from having The Boy Who Has Yet To Be Named. Time is picking up speed with alarming velocity. We've made progress in many areas, thank goodness, but others are still horrifically lacking. Here are some updates:

- We bought a minivan. This makes me very, VERY happy. It's an Odyssey and it's tricked OUT. I love a new car smell SO much, and nothing's better than the first whiff. I actually prepare myself right before getting in, and take the hugest breath possible right after I open the door. I look like a complete idot, but I'm high off the smell of leather so I don't care. So! We now have a way to transport all three children and the both of us at once safely and legally. Check that off the list.

- This past weekend my brother Jacob, his wife Patty and our three nephews came to visit. We had a wonderful time. Saturday night we had planned a date night. Our church's amazing Ms. Debbie usually does date nights once every weekend, so we were going to leave all the kids at the church with her and go out for a grown up dinner where no crayons would be present on the table. We got to the church to drop off the kids, and I walked into the main room to see about 60 people standing there, all yelling "SURPRISE!". I think anyone who witnessed my reaction can tell you that I am not exaggerating when I say I completely spazzed out. I had NO idea. My clever and wonderful friend Marla had me believing all along that she was throwing me a shower this coming weekend, thus throwing me completely off the scent of the real deal. I could not breathe for about 20 minutes. Everyone thought I was going into labor. I had a great time, and Matt and I are still talking about what a special night it was. We got lots of thoughtful presents, including some diapers--which made the first diapers that we have for this baby. Not very responsible of us, but still! We can check that off the list too.

- About 15 minutes ago, I finished clearing out the room that was Ethan's and will now be the baby's room/house playroom. It's going to be in interesting experience in space sharing. It really needed to get done, because A) the presents from the shower are currently piled on my dining room table and B) you know, he comes in three weeks and all.

- I can't remember if I've already talked about this on here, but Ethan and Abby are now sharing Abby's old room. We painted it and put in bunk beds. I was sure this was going to be the source of multiple bodily injuries for both children, but so far we're doing pretty good--Ethan has fallen out of his bed twice (but he's on bottom so it didn't hurt too bad) and Abby got startled while Matt and I were checking on them after they were asleep one night and stood straight up (since she is on the top bunk, this unfortunately meant a collision between her head and the ceiling, but my girl has a STRONG head and was fine). Other than that it's actually working out really nicely.

We have a LOT more to do in the next 21 days, but I'm feeling marginally less overwhelmed. Now if I could only get everyone to leave me alone about this baby name thing*.

* NO, we do not have a name for him yet. YES, I am telling the truth. NO, we do not really have a name but pretend not to just to throw people off. NO, it does not bother us that we haven't named him yet. YES, we will probably wait until he's born to name him.


Anonymous said...

for now, just call him dude!

Purple Cow said...

I love this church date night idea! It would definitely make a better Christian of me if a church in my region ever did this! I feel ripped off!

What a wonderful surprise!

I wish you all the best for your labour. Wait to see his little face and inspiration for a name will undoubtedly come.

God bless you! And all the best...

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Patty said...

Aren't you glad cleaning out the room is over? That's so not fun and so time consuming. What else is left on your to do list? Anything I can do from MH? All other things should be left for Siobhan! (Hope she doesn't read this!) :) Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

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