Monday, November 15, 2010

iPhone Photo Fun

I've slacked a little with the photo posts, but let's be honest. No one's surprised there.

My kids with a giant chicken. And? Doesn't this happen to your kids all the time? I mean, who DOESN'T have a picture of their kids hugging a chicken?

This is Ethan, in the middle of a furniture store, making himself at home. We were shopping for bunk beds and we let him bring his Leapster so he would have something to do besides climbing on stuff. It worked--he plopped right down in this lovely chair, dirty shoes and all, and played away. It nearly gave the salesman a heart attack.

I love my grandmother. We were cleaning out a closet in her guest room and found this hat. I plopped it on her head and took a picture, and she had the grace not to yell at me about it. I think she totally rocks the hat.

These are our good friends Jake, Amy and Chad after our church's rummage sale this summer. Chad is the one sticking out his tongue. Chad is our preacher. Our services, as you might imagine, are super serious.

This was the hallway we had to walk down to get to our room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas this spring. The hallways at Vegas hotels are all like this. Endless. Forget bribing the check-in person to give you a room with a good view--if you ever go to Vegas, ask for a room within a half mile of the elevators.

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Sarah said...

I L-O-V-E the iPhone photo posts,for the record. Some real gems you've got there.