Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweet relief

WOW, am I glad that's over.

I hate election season for about a million different reasons. I hate campaign ads. I hate my local news being dominated by campaign stories. I really, really hate recorded telephone calls from candidates. And I hate losing my normally regular, level headed friends to political frenzy.

I learned from an expert to be cynical about politics. When I took Intro to Poli Sci in college, it was one of my favorite classes. This had nothing to do, I assure you, with the fact that my teacher was one good looking dude. That was why I sat in the front row, but not why I liked the class. I liked it because I learned how government is really run, and how far that reality is from what most people think.

I know people who equate the results of this election with the rescue from certain death and despair, and people who think it is the beginning of the end. Here's the thing: it's neither. Now we have a split Congress full of people on the far right and the far left, and a president that many Americans would believe anything they got an email forward about. You know what's going to happen in our government in the next couple of years? Very, very little. I mean next to nothing. No one will be able to accomplish anything, so things will stay the way they are.

I know people will think I'm apathetic, that I don't care about our government, blah blah. Not true at ALL. I just think it's unnecessary to get worked up about results that, in the end, are not going to produce that many new results at all. It's not healthy! Everyone just calm down. It's not good for your blood pressure! Now don't anybody go getting all sassy on my comments and lecturing me on why I'm wrong. Start your own blog if you want to, but this is mine and I'm always right here.

When the presidential election ended 2 years ago, I wrote a similar post describing my distaste for politics. I also explored the possibility of running for office myself in couple of years. If you don't recall, here is the post. I still think this is a really feasible plan. If I decide to go for it, you'll all be at the top of my recorded phone call list.

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Matt said...

I looked back over your campaign platform, and I notice one serious problem... You want the leaders of the Middle East to sit down to a Meat Lovers? Muslims don't eat pork, so I think all the Canadian bacon, ham, and sausage might have a negative impact on your peace plan. Just saying... :o)

Now, back to reading about possible 2012 presidential candidates!