Monday, January 3, 2011

All about the baby

You probably noticed that in the last post, Aaron was not featured prominently. He's 7 months old--his Christmas experience consists mainly of drooling and chewing on bows. I don't want to leave the impression, though, that he did not have some fun of his own. Here's some proof:

Okay, this picture doesn't actually show him doing anything, but DANG! How cute is this kid?

When you are the third child, and Abby and Ethan are your siblings, you learn to be tough real quick. They are so gentle with him, but they've already started teaching him the finer points of wrestling. It's great fun to watch, because they try so hard to be careful, while the whole time their baby brother is attacking with full force, growling and pulling hair and pouncing and shrieking with laughter the whole time. Here he is on the prowl for a victim:

Aaand he found one. His favorite move is to crawl on their head and pull their hair while he blows spit onto their face. They're astoundingly tolerant of this.

Aaron's now fully mobile, which I am having a very difficult time accepting. Where did my BABY go?? For about a month, he has headed straight for his bumpers the second he is laid down in his crib. Over Christmas he apparently figured out how to untie them and this is how we found him:

*Note to all the baby safety fanatics out there: Don't worry. We've fixed the problem. The chenille bumpers no longer pose a threat to Aaron's life.

And finally. We went to visit my grandmother for a couple of days. My children pretty much worship the ground their Gigi walks on, and I was pleased to see that Aaron is no different.

She IS pretty cool.

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