Thursday, January 27, 2011

And they always tell you babies aren't breakable...

If you are not privy to my near-obsessive Facebook status updating, then you may not know that the AAMEN life got a little more interesting a few days ago. Aaron, who is now 8 months old, broke his leg. His dad was holding him when he decided to dive backwards onto the floor. Matt saved him from the fall, but he had lunged with enough velocity to snap his femur in two. He's wearing something called a hip spica cast, which basically means he's got a fiberglass shell over 2/3 of his body for the next four weeks. It makes everything, especially diaper changing, a little tricky.

I have been astounded at how many people have texted, emailed, messaged and called with encouragement and offers of help. Our friends and family basically swooped in and took care of everything while we were in the hospital. When I told everyone that the only legal way to transport him in the car in his current condition is by using a harness, and that the harness is only available in this state at Children's Hospital but we can't have one because we aren't a patient there, no less than 10 people started calling friends to try to find someone there who could help us. No doubt we are on Children's black list now :) I am so thankful for the help, though!

I have no idea how the next 4 weeks are going to play out. Hopefully we'll settle into a routine and I can still get things done around here, including blogging. Go easy on me if that's not the case though!

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Julianna said...

Holy Moses. I hope he's on the mend fast. :) (((Hugs)))