Thursday, January 27, 2011

Observations from the mother of a spica'd baby

Two weeks ago today, we brought our 8 month old baby home from the hospital, 2/3 of his body covered in a fiberglass hip spica cast. Most every day has presented some new challenge or revelation.

1. The cast should come with handles. That baby is HARD to pick up.

2. Managing the care of a baby in a spica cast is equivalent to lifting weights every day. I am going to have serious biceps after this is over.

3. It has apparently occured to very few people--like 2--that babies in body casts that can't bend at the waist still have to be able to ride legally in a car.

4. Of all the new experiences to be had with this cast, the strangest has to be buying diapers, feminine hygeine products, and adult incontinence products all at the same time, and all for my son. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes 14 items to adequately diaper this child and protect the cast.

5. Fiberglass is scratchy on the outside. My arms look like I've been in a fight with a cat.

6. Though nothing makes this easy, the food has certainly helped. Thanks to our church family and dear friends, we have eaten better since Aaron broke his leg than we ever did before.

7. It is possible to go into withdrawal from not being able to squeeze squishy baby thighs when you're used to doing 3 or 4 or 27 times a day.

8. Laundry is significantly decreased when your baby can only wear a t-shirt and one sock.

9. You'd think something as bulky and awkward as a body cast would diminish a baby's cute quotient, but seems only to multiply it by a factor of "awwwwww...."

10. This too shall pass. Right?


The Langhams said...

this too shall pass! HUGS!!

Cori said...

I definitely agree on the cuteness factor!