Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The weekend, part 1

Let it be said that I am still recovering from our crazy weekend, but I want to start blogging about it or I'll never get it done. First, let me tell you that last week I bought a new camera. This was a purchase that was VERY long in the making, and I was crazy excited. Thanks to my good friend Cameron I was educated on my options and got a fantastic, fancy thing that makes me feel very professional. I only know how to take pictures on auto really, but I WILL learn more. I will. Fortunately for me, the auto mode on this camera produces pictures that are ridiculously good and as a result I have wonderful pictures of our weekend.

Friday, Aaron turned one. I still can't deal entirely with that. He wore the same t-shirt that Ethan wore when he turned one. I REALLY can't deal with that.

Please excuse his puffy red nose. The boys in our family suffer from allergies and he is no exception.

It was also a big day for Abby. She's been taking ballet this year, and her recital was this weekend. Friday she had dress rehearsal from 4:00 to after 8:00. She was one tired girl. Parents don't go to the rehearsal, but before I took her I used her as a test subject with my camera. This photo is unrelated to anything about our weekend, but I had to put it on here because--look at her arms!! She is cut. I guess all that monkey bar play has its advantages! She was not trying to show her physique in this picture--she was actually in the middle of some dance move and I just happened to catch her buffness.

This kid had a pretty easy weekend, but he's so dang cute I thought I had to at least give him this.

And a couple more pictures of the one year old. His big trick these days is clapping and saying "YAY!" Only his is more of an "AY!" which makes him sound kind of like a New Jersey cabdriver. It's charming.

Soon I'll post about Abby's recital and Aaron's birthday party. And I'll also probably post a really sappy, mother-ish something about my baby turning one. Did I mention I'm still not handling that very well?

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